Let Us Rejoice on World Environment Day
The earth is our home,
A precious gift we must cherish and preserve.
Let us unite and take action,
To protect it for generations to come.

Let's plant trees and clean the air,
Reduce waste and recycle with care.
Let's protect our oceans, rivers, and streams,
And all the creatures that call them home.

From the mountains to the valleys,
From the forests to the deserts,
Let's preserve the beauty of nature,
And keep it safe from harm.

On this World Environment Day,
Let us celebrate our planet's beauty and diversity,
And pledge to do our part,
To ensure a sustainable future for all.

With a little action and a lot of love,
We can make a difference,
And create a world that's healthy,
Happy and harmonious.

So let us rejoice and take a stand,
For a better world, hand in hand.
© Laks