The hate
Time turns and seasons change,yet hates blade remains sharp!?an eternity of torment,it digs it's teeth deep,the hate she reeks for me,her kin!is immense,I wasted years of my life groveling for her approval and affection
Unforgiving,unrelenting,a malignance that persists,it feasts upon my innocense,
leaving behind scars that cannot be erased !?I carry these scars,this burden I bear has bled me dry of love!?I drowned in hate
gasped for air but still suffocated!
Trapped in a cage filled with despair,my scream unheard and lost in thin air!follon,forsaken, forgotten by blood,
I for solace yet only found mud,shadows cloak my soul,a darkness that festers!
Hate seared my emotions,suppressed by rage,choked by pain and strangled by hate!no prayer can apease,no love can surmount,the hate still lingers,still rots the root,
Though her hate cut deep it also gave a gift,A fortress of solitude,iv built these walls so high,an island to myself,the oceans waves my moat,love lost its shine,I hate her till the next life and last!?

© alonenoonecares