Grandma's embrace
When I was 5, I stayed with my grandma,
My time there was the best.
Grandma loved to cook my favorite dishes,
She'd get me new clothes and shoes to wear with pride.
We'd take a stroll, hand in hand,
She was young and strong, and could lift me up with ease.
When I was 10, grandma still showered me with love,
But then I left, and daddy took me home.
I missed grandma every day,
And often asked when I could see her again.
Years went by, and I grew old,
Without seeing grandma, my heart felt cold.
Now I'm 19, and I finally saw grandma again,
But she's old and frail, and needs support to walk.
She can't lift me up like she used to do,
But her love for me is still strong and true.
© Fatima Abdulsalam