Waiting for you

You left without an explanation, I stayed and waited.
Thinking you would eventually come back, but I never sighted your shadow.
Days went by, months went by, years went by.
But I'm still right here where you left me.
Help, I'm still in the cage, where I'm still sitting waiting for you.
My once dark, silky, smooth hair has turned grey and rough.
My once white smooth skin has shrieked, as I waited for you.
Age's not on my side, but my heart still longs for no one but you.

I met many, but my heart settled no one but you.
No one made me feel what you made me felt.

The love, the electric waves that you send down my spine when you touch me.
The sparkle of love you lit in me.
The way you made me moan, the way you made me feel as a woman.
No one could rekindle this feelings in me.

They all tried but even my soul rejected them.

The pain of separation, seems to have eaten my heart so deep that a hole has been created.
Depression swept me off my feet, leaving me with nothing.
Anxiety increases by the passing years.
Insomnia has become my best friend over the years that it comes to visit me every night.

I don't know, if this pains, agonizes, sorrows would ever end.
But even after the pains, my heart still longs for you, I still desire no one but you.
© kaya N