Wrong choice

in the rat race,
were many dreams.

So, life proceeds,
in a monotonous lifestyle,
limited to few rooms,
everything else blended in background.

Counting the dates of week,
lost many prospective dates,
while engaged in same routine,
with rewards of occasional sweets (dates).

The house got older,
roof shattered, walls cracked,
some showing many accomplishments,
of achievements in work and family.

Is it rush,
or simple agony,
of displeasure of situations,
taking away the harmony.

For, there's a disdain,
of distractions in pain,
leaving behind the stain,
intertia being the bane.

If one worries what's right,
will miss the right turn,
being played with their rights,
and blamed for choosing wrong.

© Dr. Manish Rout