"Whispers of the Wild"

Beneath the canopy of emerald green,
Nature's adventure, a story unseen.
Mountains rise, their peaks touch the sky,
As rivers dance, a lullaby.

Sunset hues paint the canvas above,
A symphony of colors, a tapestry of love.
Whispers of the wind through ancient trees,
Nature's adventure, carried on the breeze.

Meadows bloom with a wild array,
Floral ballads in the light of day.
Butterflies waltz, a delicate ballet,
In nature's theater, life finds its way.

Ocean waves sing tales of the sea,
A rhythmic dance of eternity.
Moonlit secrets in the sandy shore,
Nature's adventure, forevermore.

Stars above, a celestial choir,
Guiding travelers with celestial fire.
Through valleys deep and canyons wide,
Nature's adventure, a boundless ride.

In every leaf, in every stone,
A story of life, a world unknown.
With every step, a connection formed,
In nature's adventure, our spirits warmed.
© light yagmi