the infradian rhythm— which only women have
There are 4 cycles a woman has during her womenstrual cycle. I call it the womenstrual cycle because it is in fact, the woman’s cycle.

The 4 cycles include: follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual.

During the first two phases of the womenstrual cycle the woman’s body produces estrogen which helps to build and line the egg, so it can ovulate. Once the egg ovulates, the follicules where the egg used to be produces progesterone, which supports the body with conceiving, and eventually regenerating.

Did you know that the body cannot produce progesterone without ovulating? Did you know that estrogen in high amounts can lead to health defects, without progesterone, which balances the body of the woman and helps it to rest, and regenerate?! This is why there are more chronic illnesses in women— because of how out of balance the hormones in women are; Because of how out of sync their progesterone is.

Mind = blown. 🤯 but it does make complete sense! This is why it is important to let your body balance itself out women. Your period is not your enemy, it’s your greatest teacher. Your blood also has STEM cells, thanks to progesterone. Women and their bodies are so incredible. 🥹🙏🏻❤️

© Lois Christina