Childhood memories....🤭
Today I found myself walking on cartoon lane,
Where I met all my childhood friends.

I saw "Noddy" with his red car making way for him,
While "Thomas and his friends" were busy working.

"Oswald" duffed his hat as I passed by,
"Winnie", his friend followed him with sparkle in his eye.

On the road, amidst the hustle, "Tom and Jerry" ran their race,
Their never ending chase created chaos in all that place.

"Doremon" was hiding in the bush, as he was scared of "Jerry",
"Nobita" was late and running to school as always in hurry.

"Shinchan", as always mischievous, roamed all around the street,
"Richie Rich" was gifting "Himawari" with all shining treats.

"Phineus and Ferb", sitting under the tree, were thinking of new invention,
"Ben and Gwen" were all set for their very new mission.

Suddenly I heard garba song and saw people in circle,
They were my dearest "Daya Bhabhi" and "Gokuldham people".

I and my friends joined garba and danced in their way,
It was the most delightful and unforgettable day!

© mj3112