Wounds Unhealed
In the depth of my heart, a wound so deep,
A timeless ache, that never seems to sleep.
It echoes with pain, never growing old,
A constant reminder of a story untold.

It steals my sanity, this relentless wound,
Leaves my trembling body marooned.
Self-loathing whispers, a deafening breath,
A wound so profound, it welcomes death.

It inflicts a pain surpassing all,
An emotionless void, a relentless thrall.
A sting that lingers, a constant strife,
A wound refusing the solace of life.

In the journey of love, he bestowed this scar,
A gift wrapped in heartbreak, love bizarre.
Shattered into pieces, my heart lay,
In the symphony of agony, love's cruel play.
© _gottaloveruhii