A Friend Indeed
A friend indeed is someone who listens.
Their ear is always open, and they hear,
Even when your words are barely whispers.
They hold your secrets close and dear.

When things gets tougher and harder,
Being around them makes you stronger.
Their presence brings light,
And your future becomes bright.

They stand by you in every fight.
You know they'll never take flight.
Even in your darkest hour,
They'll be there with their helping power.
A friend indeed is one who stays,
Through the ups and downs of all your days.

Seeing them makes you bold,
Because, they're more than Gold.
When you pass through depression,
They always give you a good impression.

Even when you feel alone,
You know they're on the phone.
A call away, they're right there,
To give you strength and show you care.
They're a ray of hope that never fades,
And love you more than cliched phrases.

They give less stressing,
And bring more blessing.
They're more like an angel,
Or would I rather say seraphangel.
May this poem inspire you to cherish the friendships in your life and never lose hope.

© Goldie's pen