The first Met.....
I still remember the day we met,
The fire between us it set.
The spark was surreal,
It felt unreal.
The first time you seized my hand,
I desired the amorous episode to never end.
Whenever you drew closer to me,
Butterflies altered with every lean.
Never knew a stranger could bring such ease,
Seemed to have known you long since.
The first glance of you,
Ahhh, that was so delightful.
The very first time I saw you chuckle,I intended to make your smile eternal.First time your lips touched mine,
All my feelings intertwined.
The way your hands traced my waist,My heart skipped a beat as it would fail.The sight of your dazzling eyes,
Made me see heaven I never fantasised.
In just a matter of few days,
You won my heart in many different ways.
Without you, I am the summer sky without the
With you, like a tulip I bloom.
I can never imagine my world without you,
Cause now my heart belongs to you and only you.
to be continued......
© vivekparghi_official