Out in the open, seeking solace and peace,
I wander, I ponder, my mind finds release.
Through trials and struggles, I find my own way,
To heal and to grow, day by day.

In the stillness of nature, I find my retreat,
A sanctuary where my heart finds its beat.
Embracing the silence, letting thoughts unwind,
I find clarity and peace of mind.

Staying out so long, in the embrace of the night,
I find strength within, to face the world's fight.
With every step forward, I reclaim my power,
Nurturing my soul, like a blooming flower.

So, my friend, take the time you need,
To heal and grow, to plant new seeds.
Remember, you're not alone on this quest,
Your mental health matters, you deserve the best.

Take care of yourself, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need support. 💙
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