This time, I mean it
Naive Ones fail
To grasp things so quickly.
I seemed to never understand
What any of this ever meant .
I knew that
you were my only shoulder to cry on.

Your warm hands wiped away my tears
And soothing voice asked me to cry no more .
It seemed like a lucid dream that I lived with you
Not aware I won't get to adore ourselves ever again.

I got hurt and bruised from so many times
Left alone in that horrible darkness
You were the only one to take my hand
And walk me out to the light we wanted .

When you asked me if I love you
I replied to you in dubiety
Your eyes showed mild dismay but
Still with tenderness and true affinity.
I feel the sorrow seep in within my heart
When I reminisce the past.
The way I could not realize that
You were the only ever there for me .

You said you'd wait for me
Forever till we both die
I guess that's just a broken promise
Now that your long gone and all that was a lie.

I grew up slowly but surely
But I really want you to know
I live each day in utter rue and sorrow
Trying to find memories of you
From the corners of my hurting heart and mind
All that is left of me and you .

I know it might not ever happen again
But if I can see you
Just once more like before
Smiling so warmly and brightly at me
Eyes gleaming with tints of felicity
I want to tell you
This time as a statement
Then and now, I love you more than anything.

© RozyBearVerse