Veils of Deceit

Write a poem about truth and if the truth that has been told to us can be trusted
Or if it's just a veil that's been lifted, a story that's been adjusted
To suit the needs of those who speak, to hide the secrets they keep
And lead us down a path of deceit, where lies and truth do creep

We search for answers, for a guiding light
To lead us through the darkness of night
But truth is elusive, hard to find
And often hidden, left behind

We're told to trust, to believe and obey
But what if the truth is far away?
Distorted, twisted, and manipulated too
Leaving us with questions, what to do?

We must seek, with hearts and minds awake
The truth that's hidden, for our own sake
For truth, like gold, must be refined and pure
And trusted sources, we must endure