Let me be.
I have dedicated my life to the noicese in my head,
I have lived for a mere decade,
However In such a short ammount of time
I have gained more wisdom and maturity
Than I can believe.

The humans the voice
The frustration the addiction
The manipulation the kindness
The betrayal the sadness

It all overwhelmed me Like before but this time death is not an option
Therefore I'll just drown in this dark sea of imagination
I won't resist, but the people around me will screme and beg
Me to survive, but no one in the end will dare to step a foot in
The same sea,

In the depths of the great dark
I shall finally achieve the one thing I want the most

An infinite void
Letting it wrap me in it’s loving cold cover
But it’s okay.
let me be as I want to be
No need for great heros or saviours
The act will finally soon come to perish

The pain finally goes away........

THE END..........?
© shivraj