The Tie That Binds Us
In childhood days
When we were young
And school was all plays
And nursery rhymes sung,
Simple games and toys
Caused hearts to glow in gladness,
And most girls and boys
Never felt how adults feel sadness.

Summertime was best of all,
Sports day was the event;
All the children heard the call,
And all the parents went.
Each girl chose a friend
As a partner of the race,
And we hoped he wouldn’t send
Her flat upon her face.

A yellow ribbon was tied
And knotted so secure,
Then we were, side by side,
Determined the race to endure.
Ah, yes, many times we fell,
Until we found our pace,
But oh, how our hearts did swell
When we both completed the race.

Marriage can have its parallel
To a three-legged race,
But, this time, to do well
The couple need to embrace
More important rules
Whilst on the race of life;
More vital than a school’s
Race, is the one with husband and wife.

They start off, full of confidence,
Undaunted by what lies ahead;
There’s only the slightest sense
Of nerves, to hinder how they tread.
As one pulls, the other does follow,
Carefully watching each stride,
Their determination isn’t hollow
But solid, as they step side by side.

However, there’s a sudden lapse of attention
And, heavily, they do fall –
Both must accept (with apprehension)
The setbacks which affect us all.
Yes, like that childhood game,
They pick themselves up straight away
As, a prize awaits an eager claim,
But only for those who don’t stray.

A promise was made at the start
Of this most important race;
This tie that binds us, at the heart
No greater joy can replace.
So, if we all can keep in mind
The solemn pledge we’ve made,
Then another path we will not find,
And, our victory will not fade!

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