pardon my mistake
My breath catches as I read your name,
And I can't help but feel this sense of shame.

Shame for the times I didn't treasure you,
For taking for granted the love that was true.
But now I see the error of my ways,
And I long to make it up to you someday.

You, my companion, my guiding light,
Through the darkest of days, you've made them bright.
Your words, like poetry, flow from your soul,
And with every line, my heart becomes whole.

I see now that beauty lies in the pain,
In the strength it takes to rise again.
And though the road may be long and tough,
I know that together, we'll be enough.

So let's pick up the pieces, one by one,
And mend our hearts until they're whole, undone.
For in our connection, there lies our power,
To face the storms, and bloom like a flower.

And as the wounds heal and the scars fade away,
We'll continue to dance, in our own clumsy way.
For it's in the imperfections, we find our grace,
And in this journey, our souls will embrace.

So thank you, dear friend, for being there,
For showing me that life is not always fair.
But with your love and our shared kinship,
I know we'll find solace in every hardship.

In this droopy, dusty afternoon,
We'll rise above, like a bright and hopeful moon.
And with each breath, we'll continue to grow,
In this better version of ourselves we'll know.