What uf
It feels like we met yesterday
It feels like you're still here
But your not
And that's the truth
The love that you had in your heart
Killed and buried you underground
That love that seemed beautiful and pure
Hidden the truth behind the mask
The hurtful words that you never shared
Sunken into your soul
Happy bright eyes changed to dark and painful ones
The world was dark and cruel for us
But at least we had eachother
Now you're gone
But my mind still wondering what if
What if it never happened
The heartbreak and all
Maybe you would still be here
But it's too late to change the past
And turn back time
My memories of you keep me warm
Like a space I could call home
The speed killed you
Actually it was your own fault
You drove to forget
But faster than I could ever imagine
The last text you have sent
Said I love you forever my dearest friend
But you were more than a friend
A brother and a soulmate
Our minds were connected
Like wifi connection
© AndželikaBendoraityte