The Endless Hate
I loved her more than my own mother.
I thought for me she too bothered
After all she was my uncles wife
Little did I knew, she was the only serpent in my life.

When I was eight,
I asked her to gift me a heart shaped locket,
She asked whose photos u will put inside
I said mom and dad's alongside,
She was upset,
Coz she wanted her photo to get paste,
That time I thought the love is so pure
But now I doubt whether I was sure.

She was my love
And I just a symbol of dove.
I never knew to say 'NO' to the things,
Later I realised I had no wings.

When I was in 2nd grade, She taught me all the household chores ,
With her own daughter always getting bored,
Coz she had nothing to do, not even hold any work tool
And me... Continued to work just like a fool.

THANKU for listening to my grieves🙏

© its_A.T