nocturnal ballet
When the sun does fade away allowing the moon to take its place and granting the Earth a restful interlude, adoring the heavens in Golden hues.

The moon graces the earth with its celestial glow and Emberly embrace accompanied by the stars yet sensing a profound solitude

As if sensing the divine whisper, the rain descends from above, offering solace to sorrowful souls. To calm their enchanting souls and help those sparkling eyes find serenity with the divine aroma

Does the night belong to the besotted hearts enchanted by the captivating allure of the moon or to those who seek solace in their crystalline tears? Is it for reminiscing about past heartaches or to bask in the divine beauty of the moon's eternal splendor

Among the sorrowful, the moon bears a vacant sight, yet dances with life's whispered breath, longing for the dawn's gentle kiss. It awaits the fading night to unveil the cherished reunion with its sun, the radiant muse of its eternal devotion

The sole moment of their union, crafting the most exquisite canvas, at last, they imbibe the depths of their souls upon gazing into one another

Absorbing every ounce of their togetherness before the moon's farewell arrives, and the lovers are parted once more. their parting a divine tragedy etched upon the canvas of eternity
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