Mind Breach
Like the pisces, thoughts dwell
Within the chambers of my mind
Like the vast ocean, sullied
With crude-like pests
Leading to a cattywampus state

Alone, I drench in the likelihood
Of another, jar trapping thoughts
Which resonate not with mine
Filling the non-existent holes
Far from my desire

Breaking the barriers in place
It finds its path and settles within
Likening to an invited guest
Oh, how I dread hosting thee
Find thy way out the hall

Wander not near this aisle
For you remain a nuisance
There lies no room for thee
At these hours, enough wander
In these intricate walls

Lo and behold,
My mind's cloaked nature
An effect of unwanted gifts, as given
From the piercing meteors
Forcing me a stranger
In my own home

Day 019/100