ferocity flames (unattended, one must stifle) left burning, internally
Ruins, rampant of reflective rage,
an eternal flame, steadily scorches
my soul, searing in sorrow,

a transcendent glow, deep in my bones,
that I've grown, laying l learning how to
carry it lightly, with grace, the best I can..
But my dreams?

Disconcerted, they just may be.
The same low dimensions, shallow
divets where unmarked graves, cry;

The places my unmet relatives, my
unborn siblings, my never, before- seen,
distant family, blood that seems to be lying
frighteningly close to a quickly fading,

almost lost entirely, amongst dust of past,
appear to be, where a nearly lost-
forever- history, of so many peoples, must lie.

Still, in a more positive context,
we can feel the warmth of the sun
tender kisses left by rain's touch.

The heaving breaths of wind
Lying, intertwined, with the
roots and soil of Our Mother.

There was always a time, when no one,
talked about a yesterday, let alone today
(furthermore, a foregone future)...

In my family, we don't 'talk' about anything,
we never discuss anything, with each other.
Yet, still, unto this day, no one talks.

© MamasMobocracyMusings