My property
my word
my humble
my lesson
my noun
my town
my pen
my city
my name
my self
my fans
my jealous frames
my wools
my winds
my tiend
my finds
my one
my an
my in for one
my in is for
my is much
my to more
may of surviving
may of my taur
my passion
my ambition
my word
my lounge
my greats
my nots
my will
my have
my had
my maids
my heads
my raids
my own
my borns
my talk
my knoats
my lot
my nots
my over
my hand
my body
my soul
my precaution
my louill
my care
my essence
my one
my on
one love
one toungue
my finger
my norm
my foul
my falls
my difference
my all
my coal
my native
my betive
my lative
my gettives
my numble
me Or my humble
an me and of mine
oh an tradition or na tiles
some of people some of diem
is an lution oh at human and humanity files.....