I love you Jesus Christ 💕💕💕
I love you Jesus for all that you are you never change you always stay the same when everyone else in my life change and abandon me you was always there protecting and loving me no matter how hard life got you still walk the narrow path with me
You died for all of our sins even though I know we don't deserve it you still love us to died for our sin so we can be save
No one in this world can ever compare to you no can love me like you do or can heal me or even protect me from my enemies I love you Jesus Christ for all that u are and all that u done for me
I'm grateful that u never left me when everyone else abandon me u still was there for me and love me and guiding from the darkness to light. You forgive me from all my transgressions and integrity . I will continue to glorified and keep praising you I will continue to push through and get through my breakthrough and continue to serve you and love you Jesus ....
By : Ebony Paul
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