Unexpected Joy At Dawn
Have been living, like am not a being, I hid myself from the flash of light, so no one will see me being fret,

Have being a monster, only gazing from a far, I have always wondered what the world is, that am always being freeze,

No good things seems to be after me, everything had become my enemy,
No matter the struggle, it's always as if I have never tried to bubble,

Life have been to me a nightmare,
no one even care, have run miles, but never get to smiles,

Life had no meaning for me until you came, you brought out colors into my life, and I was never the same,

Everything was though I encounter God, everything kept coming in many fold, light now came into my life, now I feel I can really survive,

Your presence, gives me essence,
now nothing is missing, in fact my life is worth living,

I thought I will never smile again,
but you gave me the reason to clear the shame, you're to me the world, I vow to you I will always hold,

In any weather, summer or winter,
you will forever, be my lover, be mine and I will be yours, every path together we will cross....

© Aniedi Victor David