Let's Just say I'm Immortal, Let me present How bad PAIN feel.
It pains me when I got stuck in a mortal body fearing death.

It pains me for being there the heartache of being alone, the agony of torture, searching like a black hole for love, although I'm a freak cause immortal.

It pains me that I can't leave the love of my life even if my love can, but In reality, I can have another someone I wish.

It pains me when I got sick alone No one care bailed on me until my death It appears inch by inch that I'm drowning In the darkness over and over but I'm fuckin immortal

It pains me when I care and when I care I feel affliction but in reality, I don't care

It pains me when I wish someone to be on my side who never comes to me and makes me realise the illusion. But in reality, I don't wish

It fuckin pains me that I want to bloody cry over and over until my throat gets ripped off. But I don't want

It pains me when I tear someone responsible for their mistakes. But I don't make it

It pains me I do want to feel all of the freakin things. But I don't because I'm bloody Immortal

Now I just wish that my bloody soul has Immortality and an eternity of misery
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