The moment as it is💗
The morning Sun rays , the afternoon heat,
The beautiful dusk & the mysterious starry night.
Can we feel it , or define it?
The movement and the gravity we do feel everyday.
Silent or crowded , do I see or feel a beautiful movement?
Everything happening as it is, on its own.
The moment the force or the slow music , still play on .
Shall I write & express in words or paint a beautiful canvas,
filled with life & hope .
The sound of waves, the slow breeze, a colourful butterfly hanging around the nature divine.
Who can define each unique creation of lord.
The touch of waves we can feel on our feet,
Shall we bless , or the waves have come to bless our feet(existence)?
The thoughts or the passing moment walk past the crowded mind.
Few known and yet few unknown carrying past the vehicle of life.
Listen to your own music.,few forgotten , few play on and follow a slow pace.
In the crowded street , the buses, trams make some noise,
The unknown faces do care to stop and find the voice within the crowded traffic of life .
Express it or let it stay within, the music of our heart , do silently play with ease..
Do we question, do we seek, or shall we hear?
A day when there is nothing to say or express,
The movement of so many passing hours, speak in volume.
Open your heart & mind, you will listen and understand every movement , sound passing by.
You stopped to greet them?
Can you find the passing day , Silent & void, lets make noise and feel the gravity we hold towards happy days.
I hold it , as it flow with ease , with the time , crowd and the space!
© Shiny