written in despair
The trouble has a home
And so the torment doubles in my soul
I'm vapoured like the blackest hole
I'm caught in some device
Brought to kill the mice
And yet my head is stuck right there
Almost severed. Blue is my spirit
And I take another dram
The wars a killing me ,the lamb,
I have no power to resist
This awful terror in the world
My mind is plagued with fictional noise
Taking all my dearest joys
And polluting my brain
Till sanity begins to leave
And I can hardly retrieve
That monumental chord
On hands and knees I beseech the Lord
To lessen somehow the pain
It is strongly worded like the rain
It moves a silent judge of the weak
I've often thought I can not speak
Of all the things I'm being abused
My future like the past is bleak
I'm only used
I'm never ever loved
I want to die
My heart gives out a cry
To all the seated in the yard
I am poor in my deal my card
My hands are tied
I often think I've already died
When in youth my heart was stabbed
By a hopeless love, so low
My remains first going go
And now are gone
The skies to me are black
Without a sun and golden stack
Ah yes the clouds that shape the mind
Into a trick
I am poor I am sick
I examin my house of brick
And know that knowledge stinks
On this uneven road
Full of the dismal, the episode
In my youth of death from wounds
Given out by a damned offense
Making a pressure grow more tense
Then like a mutilated shaft
We called a steady stream of light
Blinding my eyes with heavy sight
Now I am on a raft
In a sea of stares
With the tigers and the bears
All manner of savages in the field
And in the water
Like a bloody death a slaughter
So many bodies gathered high
Enough to be a last goodbye
To all the souls that go to hell
As I hear the solemn bell
Peal a last farewell
Goodbye my fairest thought
Goodbye my romantic heart
You have played too long your part
You never found but how you sought
You were never given but how you bought
And yet a theft is in your life
Like a butcher taking everything
From those creatures who lived so few
Such a little and such a brief existence
Then quartered by hands so violent
So malicious with a blade
How I am so dismayed
To know these things
The eggs they laid
Then handed out to death
With one last breath
Breathing the air
And the air itself a smoke
And the world itself a joke
And the white ripped from the yolk
And never heaven bringing peace
It's just a fable a teller of lies
So on with my goodbyes
Farewell you beautiful night
Farewell you cantankerous man
Who gazes at me from the wall
Seeing me wretch and stagger and fall
My final words 'and justice for all'.

© All Rights Reserved