Orchestral Peom : The Dance Of Death
When the darkness envelops, she had begun,
The dance of death, seen by none.

If someone saw, their life was taken away,
Some went insane and had gone astray.

All because of pride and greed,
Her dislocated joints moved with the eyes that bleed.

A day in her life that changed her whole,
Cursed her heart and trapped her soul.

It only been a dance by the lake of swans,
Admist the meadows filled with trees of pecan.

Only if the girl knew where she was,
She could have stopped instead of correcting her flaws.

Lowly ballerina who wanted to improve,
Stood on her toes like a horse's hooves.

She lifted her arms and floated like a boat,
Mimicked the orchestral ballet episode.

But then, the wicked wizard appeared,
All the swans flew away and hid away the deers.

He was cruel and he was blind!
He dripped of wrath and he inclined.

He cursed the girl and she turned into the cursed dancer,
Her heart turned into a stone and she became a chancer.

Only if the girl would know,
Only if she was saved from the cursed woes.

© Fifa 🦋

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