She is a blessing.
She toils through the day,
Without a word or a nay,
She earns her daily bread,
Not a tear does she shed...

Her face and her hands betray
they tell her story and pain
but she keeps her feelings inside
and a smile on her face reigns.

She is worried about her family
their safety and survival
is a question looming her mind
nothing else is in her sight.

She works for them
so that they can be fed
and there is no scarcity for them
she wants a different life for them.

She is like any other woman or mother
who has great responsibilities on her shoulder
she lives and dies for her family
the security and safety is her concern like everybody else.

She never complains and happy to do
everything to provide the best
to us her children
never expecting anything in return.

Some are lucky to have appreciation
some are lucky to have people sharing their burden
some are lucky to be loved as a prized gift
some are smiling for they feel they are lucky.

Many don't have the same fate
many are beaten for their deed
many don't even get their worth
many are left with the old age home.

It is the duty that binds them to their homes
they are useful so they are kept here alone
they don't own respect or love
they are made to work hard outside or home.

The rights are denied as if it is not meant for them
even they are not given any name for the same
complain is all they have to face
be it loss or gain.

Not much done for them
only a day or two celebrated
after that it is all but a routine
to which everyone returns and retire.

Everyone needs to think about it
it is not about only one person
constantly upgrading your thoughts
you must all change from within.

One day then we can all expect
the change where we'll reign
happiness will be our own
the life will have a new beginning.

She is a blessing for all of us
do remember that
when we follow her decision
everyone of the family is progressing.

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