Safety Last
I can’t escape the feeling that without you my world is not safe.
And I ask myself, if I start again now will it be too late?
Every minute repeating
This may be the last breath I ever take
But my heart, it’s still beating
Somehow despite shrinking in from this fate

If I admit defeat now, will it bind me to heartbreak and hate?
And I question my limits, whether this be the moment I fade
All my thoughts circulating
No time for peace, or a breath, or a break
But my eyes, they’re still seeing
Sunsets divine wasted on this decay

I can’t embrace the revealing of my actions leading me to this day.
And I tell myself that who I am, I can never escape.
All my habits, they’re winning
This may be the last time I try again
But my lungs, they’re still breathing
Inhale, exhale, then repeat, and away