no tommorows
we lie about the nights behind fake grins,
playing games where trust wears thin.
look at what you've done, the truth we face, shattered hearts, memories we can't erase.
in your eyes, I see the truth so clear,
you touched another man, my dear...
the trust we shared, now dead and gone,
our love's demise, a somber dawn.
now your touch won't ever feel like it used to,
passion slowly died, like morning dew.
but it doesn't hurt as much as you thought,
the more, the merrier, lesson taught.
you thought you'd break me,tear me apart,
make me cry, shatter my heart.
but it's okay, I see through your disguise,
I know it all, no need to lie.
I know what you did, the secrets you've kept,
so I'm leaving now, no more tears left to be wept.
I won't wash away my sins or pretend to smile.
darling there won't be a tomorrow, it's really the end this time.
© edw6rd