rest easy lizzy🥀
throw my soul to eternal flames,
I watch it burn away.
broken internal frame.
you left in haste,
now you're a world away.
so it's my turn to wake,
to this infernal place.
to where you swayed.
I remember like it was yesterday.
let's talk about the day before that day,
before you decayed.
more so 6 feet in the grave.
we both were in love,
but both thought it was much.
too much of a clutch.
but you confessed and I laughed at the thought of a bluff.
man I found you in the brush.
I wish it could turn around.
say I got you, tell the demons to stand on down.
but it's too late, what where your demons are now my own.
can't vent, you remember how people be
when I say sway, I mean literally
a noose to fit so easily.
rest easy lizzy.
© rossdops

note: if you are thinking about suicide, reach out to someone. after lizzy killed herself it left her family destroyed. her parents still wake up every day like it's the day their little girl left this world.
and I still think about it to this day.

I love you girl, see ya soon.