Hanging, looking the blue sky
death knocks and cries

like an orphan mother just died

Come home
I long for thee

come quick, have my hands
play on that I may dance

dance like a cloud
steady like a tide

joyous like a Sky
powerful like the wind
for I am world's king

on its four stool
still waiting like a fool

for the coffin long for me
and the grave lonely for long
death and life who owns me for long?

what's the dust that came up Man
what's the dust that goes down Man
what for does Man come in here
how soon does Man go home there?

in white I crown you my death
in red I cloth you my life
in black goes you my night
in which is my delight?

oh life like a kernel to crack
where bright eyes see through dark
and few dark eyes see All lights
and which is a simple ride?

how sorrowful are many seeking there life
very cheerful owns this life
but there's a hand with a knife
wishing at last no leg can dive
when death knocks each door
and ignorant tears wash the floor.
© Okpohoudeme Promise Ita