self love the greatest
Shattered pieces, that's what I was
Left behind, like a broken glass
My heart, once full, now empty and scarred
My lover gone, leaving me marred

But in the darkness, I found a light
A love that's pure, a love that's right
I discovered God, and His embrace
Healed my wounds, and filled the space

With self-love, I began to mend
My heart, once broken, now could transcend
The pain, the hurt, the shame, the fear
Replaced with joy, hope, and happy tears

I rose from the ashes, like a phoenix born
Stronger, wiser, with a heart that's reborn
No longer shattered, no longer broken
But whole, complete, with a love unspoken

So here I stand, with a heart full of cheer
Grateful for the journey, that brought me near
To the love of God, and the love I hold within
A love that's pure, a love that's truly win.
© Becky_