Molested Victim
I was sexually molested at the age of 5.
Never will that day leave my mind.
Scarred for life, till the end of time.
For Christ's sake I was only 5.
My great uncle is who crossed the line.
He reeled me in so everything seemed fine.
Day after day he would come say hi.
Take my brother and I on golf cart rides.
I felt safe, but then this one time.....
My uncle Russell had crossed the line...
I gave him a kiss, I was saying goodbye...
At that time nothing went right.
With his tongue down my throat,
I couldn't say no.
He grabbed me up, squeezing my thigh..
Hand in my pants, I was trying to fight...
He wouldn't let go, I was scared for my life...
And then I knew I would never forget that night..
I am a survivor of sexual assault for life.
© Tsmallz