Dear Momma,

Dear mother,
I could write a million words; penned in gold and express how much your personality has inspired and touched humanity in ways we could never quantify.

You're the beacon that lightens hope even in our moments of despair and darkness; you luminate everyone that's crossed path with you and put smiles on their faces.

You've been an unimaginable strength in times of weakness. You've been Healer in times of sicknesses and travails.

Momma, you've absorbed the pains and tears of others at your own expense.

You many times bring laughter where there's sadness and losses.

You're mother, sister, aunt, wife, and all to people who's lost family and been there for them.

You're my shield and buckler. You're mother and more. Ella, may your days be long and full of blessings, today and always.

Thank you for everything, you're queen and long may you reign!👑

© jk writes!