It feels so good everytime I sin.
Taking all the pleasures my flesh desires.
Whether it be sitting watching Tv for hours,
Or whether it be lust, or whether it be evil cravings.

We all fall victim to sin. It feel so good and
I know it does to you too. We let our flesh take control
Let it tell us where to go.

We’re all drowning in our sin.
And without the Lord there’s no coming back up for air.
Yes I’m drowning in sin.
We’re all drowning,
drowning, not coming back up for air.
I’d rather live my sinful short life on this earth,
Than to walk the golden streets and live life
of eternity.

Sin kills us in a way we do not know,
it’s sneaky, tempting, luring, and
Pleasurable. I rest my body in these dirty waters.
Drowning myself to feel more of that pleasure.
We’re all sinners whether you believe or not,
We’re all drowning in our sin,
And without the Lord, there’s no one who can save you.

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