Dishonesty & Betrayal
Collaboration By
👑 Lunar Queen 👑
👑 @SkyKing 👑

Why couldn't I trust you like before,
All you do now is ignore.
Trapped in dishonesty,
Act like trusty.
Words are sarcastic,
But actions are least authentic.
Got betrayed by you often,
Sometimes with notice you abandon.
Do you even care,
As I'm unaware?
I'm in dilemma of thoughts about you,
And unable to think it through.
It pains when you lie over and over again,
Unable to bare by my brain.
You have stabbed, with your deviousness,
Now thinking about it, I'm in lots of stress.
Beneath shadows of our friendship guide,
I search for truth beneath your lies.
Your silence echoes louder than words,
Leaving my heart in tangles, like trapped birds.
Do you see the fractures in our bond?
Or are you blind to the pain you've spawned?
Caught in the web of your deceit,
I struggle to find solid ground beneath my feet.
But amidst the chaos, a flicker of hope,
That our bond will mend, help us cope.
Yet doubts linger, like shadows in the night,
Can we rebuild what's shattered in plain sight?
I yearn for honesty, a beacon to guide,
Through the darkness where our trust resides.
We need to unravel this tangled thread,
And rebuild the trust we thought was dead.
© Lunadesigns
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Lots of love from
Sky king and Lunar Queen