Darkened Hearts
Awoke one day,
and looked around,
Scratched my head...
sucn confusing sounds.
Slowly awaking,
to a world
that was clearly downward bound.
Dark and murky waters
had long ago receded,
but most already drowned.
Those left alive,
persistently competing,
brothers and sisters dead and dying,
bodies still warm and bleeding.
Their darkened hearts,
were darkly beating.
The Light of the world,
through squinted eyes
was fleeting.
Easy to see,
where this was leading.
It was then
when someone turned the screws,
and turned them for the worst,
Lightning then sprang forth
from the sky those hearts had cursed.
Unaware of who came before,
or how many trailed behind,
with heads bowed,
looking down,
they soon all fell in line.
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