summer marches in
I cherish nature and I feel
A light begin on me
I settle my eyes on every scene
From grassy turf to tree

The animals are wild enough
To live by instinct thriving
And I foretell the coming month
By what has been there driving

This time of year each have their mate
And soon the offspring comes
Within a settled nest on high
I'll see their little homes

Enchanted as I am with birds
And other species living
I climb into the clouds within
And think of generous giving

Something in these ways will always
Bring a noble word
From out the corners of my mind
I smile, I salute the bird

I see no tarnished wave as I
Look out into the sea
Some several boats begin a time
Cast out with joy and glee

Those sounds of crashing foams can be
Submerging rocks on shore
And delicate strains of loaded breezes
Give all and then some more

The lighthouse is a blinking
For those coming out the squall
Their nets as full as clouds
After the drops have soaked them all

Continuing my observations
I know such can signify
That summer heat is within reach
And beauties should reach the eye

That sweetest spring has been exhausted
And we are in June
A craving for idyllic moods
Survive the April tune

I feel the blasting of a flower
It opens and scatters
Abundant new life made manifest
Dealing with generative matters

And still the trees are waving
With a rustle in the leaves
The quiet all around is like
The fabric a sorcerer weaves

A blissful paradise here below
No gorgon to betray
No enchantress to pour magic on
And change the sweets of day
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