Thunder Bolts
Trees are swaying
Wind is cold
Raining lightly
Thunder bolts

A breeze hugs me
Chilling my body
Sky and earth
Illuminated in glory

I shiver
Teeth do chatter
And up there
Light scatter

My eyes are steady
And unmoving
I sit quietly
Silently staring

The high voltage show
It amuses me
Coulombic force
Between positive and negative

The light is spreading
Like a tree
I observe and
Smile with glee

Listen to those sounds!
Like a lion they roar
Shock is spreading
Shaking the floor

"Woah! That's a big one."
Sound is spreading
I sit quietly
Silently shivering

Please, excuse me
While I stare
Into the clouds and
They do glare

I sit quietly
Face fixate
The breeze is back
Hugs again

© Sharon S