Have you ever lied and changed yourself to stay in love?
Literally be in a person's face like please,
If you leave me now I swear I'll never love again,
No one gets me like you do,
If you leave I doubt I'll ever find someone like you,
Please let's see this through,
I swear I'll kill myself if you leave me too, please.
Eventually they leave you too,
And exactly like that,
Somebody left me too,
She left me high and dry,
Alone and ready to die.

Fast forward 12 months,
I'm in love and ready to settle down,
I love my current 10 times than I did her,
And I bet she'll leave me too,
Again I'll cry my eyes out
But I'm sure I'll love my next 10 times
Than I loved my ex,
Her pet name will be hers too,
She'll be my baby boo,
I'll brush her hair, kiss her neck
And in her ear whisper sweet nothings that are true,
Like " Your finger would look so good with a crown ",
And in time she'll leave me too,
I'll be left to start afresh with someone new,
Have to stress about their likes and don'ts
And I hope they love anime like I do
Or we're through,
I don't mind, I can start over with someone new.

The one after my next ex will prove to be better than the rest, I bet,
I'll be so sure with her, that her alone, 'she' is the one,
And although I anticipate heartbreak
I will give my all,
And one day I'll wake up all alone,
With her gone, she won't be in my bed no more, I'll be all alone.
Be left like ' Oh My God! '
When she walks in the door with tea,
She only left me in my dreams,
I guess she's the one,
The final one for me.
We're happy and now the world's getting jealous,
And she ends up leaving me too,
It wasn't by choice, death victimized her too,
But this time I won't start afresh
Or get someone new,
I'll wait my time to come
So her smile can brighten my day once more, I'll wait for you. 🤞