She said its okay
Dont cry, she said its okay
its not your mistake

Dont worry, sometimes it happens
it is what helps us learn

Dont shake, you have to get past it
you cant change the past anyways

Said that
mistakes help us grow
learn from it and show
how you have changed
how you have grown
regret makes us human
guilt makes us humanely
its all the magic of time
wounds fill or get more deep
but how can you just get past something so easily
I hurt her
I saw her hurt
kept quiet
and now
its my fault
its my stupidity
could have saved a life
but I let her hurt herself
and now she is singing in heaven
cause there couldn't be a worse hell
you said
she said
its okay
but its not
she isn't here
because of me
and thats not a mistake
thats a sin
no can forgive
I cant forget
thats what he said

he loved her but he was too late
he tried
but didnt succeed
blaming himself is easier I guess
than to accept
but is it his fault really?
in her eyes its everybody
in his its him
in theirs its hers
in mine its grey
the lines are so thin and blurr
is it a murder
or just giving up?
does it make you weak or strong?
does it leave your loved ones hurt?
but then why couldn't you feel the love which now you see in their grief
or you wouldnt have done it right?
is it one thing or all together?
I dont know
I dont know anything
I just know
on her piano was a note
that read
"I am okay
its not no ones mistake
I just need a long sleep
but dont worry we will meet
on the other side
till then hugs and kissess
xoxo your love or hate whatever you think;)"

© ~notyourfavperson