《 #WritcoPoemPrompt21 》
You sat with me under the shade of the trees,
Reading out the words that made no sense,
Not once did you lose faith,
you let me be,
The slow and steady learner,
The butt of all the jokes,
Duffer! Failure! And a liar to them.

Even so
it's still hard to let the thought of us go,
your ginger and rum cologne,
the way you smiled when I was happy
filled this expansive hole in my heart.

when you'd let me wear your bracelets and rings,
And when I'd adorn you in thin chain necklaces,
And when you'd let me do your eyeliner
it all felt like a soft rain that washed away my yearning for security

Even when your "friends" shunned me,
or when you couldn't even look me in the eyes as they spread lies about me,
it seemed to only be me drowning in an expanse of awe and reverie

But now we sit under this old dead tree,
silent with what we could've been and could be
still thinking about those words you said,
that made no sense to me.


© Rynne