Am a clumsy girl,
having dreams like big Eiffel tower,
My parents asked me all the time,
do you have any aims...?

My relatives always put fire on this question,
I don't why, they always give me the feeling like I have robbed them in past ....,
You know what I don't know what I want to be.

Sometimes it's doctor or sometimes it's pilot
but at the last I always try to be me.
One day I want to become warrior,
to save my land .
Another day, I wish to be a princess,
to have a sleep on a fairy bed.

One day my brother questioned me,
are you a girl or a fool.
He said, why you are not like others?
ambitious and firm girls always win, my mother add.

I don't know why they understand who I am,
am unsure, am lazy, am irresponsible and somtime greedy,

Yes, i have dreams of being world's beautiful girl,
want to have perfect body and dresses with frill.

I want to protect me from this society,
by wearing all those colorfull paints.
Want to have big eyes and small waist,
to wear pants.

This is my dream,
I want to be like this.
Everyday I feel like am uncommon in this world,
like rare species who look like dumb with no words.
#break poem
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