Sitting upon a hillside with air crisp and clean,
as birds fly all around truly a sight to be seen.
With fields of flowers spread in variety of hue,
presenting a wondrous and unprecedented view.

In which creation can be seen as perfection unequaled,
finally found after many miles have been traveled.
In the search for something which does inspire,
a feeling deep inside not unlike a burning fire.

Impossible to accept without innermost contentment,
hard to find in this age filled with so much resentment.
Where people rush about as though they're
always in need to be somewhere else,feeling stressed.

Reaching for things deemed as being vital necessities,
when they're completely ignorant of life's pleasantries.
Thinking worth's measured by what can be attained,
instead of the importance that happiness maintained.

When all simply required is a sense of well-being,
in which balance can be found somewhere inbetween,
beneath a blue sky where birds soar above carefree,
while you're on the ground surrounded by serenity.

© Renopoet