Foraged crop
Smelt and pounded the ringing that sounded when anvil, my mother and hammer, my father shaped me to creature that shivers when crowded

Anxious in breathing I can't help but seething, as cowardice shuts mouth and keeps words from leaving

Happenstance would have me at distance from others for fear of embarrassment if given chance
I'd surely stutter if only I could mutter "excuse me, I'm sorry, I don't mean to bother"

But teeth sew as I know there's no excuse for my failure to show myself to be the blade I was made, yet I refuse to be as crafted their ideals of morals I quickly shafted

Because hurt people hurt people
Because I went through it why shouldn't you
Because I do this because I love you
Because you made me do it
Because spare the rod and beat the child until it's is forced to submit and is always waiting for that next time you hit
Because I can never rationalize your acts
Because I refuse to forgive
I was a kid
Now you are dead
And I need pills to fill the blanks in my head
I meditated and dedicated myself to my own mental health, to heal and never make others feel as they must be steel, for all this fear was never real
Just a fiction to sew pain to field

© Artemis' Arrow