Colours Of You~💜✨
This Poem Is Especially For Coming Of @I_Am_Michael 🍰💗
and for @LunaRoyalty , @Star396 ✨ staying in good terms with each other 💓 as we had always been😍🤞
Basically it is for each of my follower♡(⁠づ⁠。⁠◕⁠‿⁠‿⁠◕⁠。⁠)⁠づ
I don't like feeling anyone excluded 🥺🌹 as i am leaving for lil time💎😇 till 24th of May so i want max people to read this❤️🥰🦋
Leave a comment if you aren't my follower but still loved it 💥🌟
~~It is not just a song💎💗 Itz from my heart 💘 broh😌🦋

🌼💗~ ~💗🌼

In the admist of doubts and fears✨,
When crowded the cheeks those fallen tears🥺,
Until a transcendent light came out of nowhere🦋,
Show your potential to the people at anywhere😌,
You are just meant to be yourself the hater's eyes are everywhere😏,
Being the beam of light no dark can wound from anywhere🤩,
Keep on dancing on your own tune coz no one else has this taste you own🍀,
You are the gift from heavens to earth give your springs to the gloomy autumn💜,
Oh! you will get criticized on your arts😕,
But remember that they came from your hearts💘,
The way they land on some people's chest💗,
Maybe open a miraculous realm of possibilities and rest💎,
You are light for many people remember them in your heart🌟,
They won't let you fall neither let your creativity escaped art🥺,
So believe in yourself and your virtual dancing pen💓,
Say happy birthday to happiness and have your zen😄,
You are every special, don't underestimate who you are🥰,
But stay grounded, and be that mesmerizing essence as you are😇,
Don't see yourself from eyes of haters🌚,
You are loved by all your lovers😉,
Now expand your inner galaxies 🤞🏻,
Don't limit your flamboyant possibilities 😍,
🎶Because, itz the colors of you🎶
🎶Because, itz the colors of you🎶
Itzz the colour of you
That make you unique 🖤
That make you bombastic, celestial, lavish, dazzling 😉🎶🎶
Itz the color of you🎶🎶🎶😇💥

© CelestialImagination💫