The Prelude
A Quickie Before We Step Into The Function
After We Done That Look You Give I Just Crumble
I Take My Time Getting To Know Your Mind
So That Body Can Unwind
You Light Up When It’s Just Us Alone
Car Sex Ignoring Anyone Calling Our Phone
The Chemistry We Got On Each Other Skin
Kiss You On Your Cheek
Slowly Down To Ya Chin
We Gotta Go Baby Come On
Intense Eye Contact I Turned You On
Look At How You Touching Yourself
Stickiness From Your Fingers Up To My Mouth
A Gasp As I Bite Your Lip
Am I In For It Later?
It’s Still Wet Let Me Stick In The Tip
Tasteful Whispers Of “Take It”
Gripping On Your Waist
We Was Supposed To Be Leaving But That Grin On Your Face
We Will Be Late
From Front Seat
To The Backseat
The Riding You Doing Makes Missionary That Much More Heat
Hand Round My Neck
Other On That Kitty
Them Facial Expressions You Can Barely Speak
Every Moan You Get More Passionate
Panties To The Side Then They Came Right Off
Bold Of Me To Kiss Your Spot
Look How The Toes Curl When I Dig In That Box
Are We Making Love?
The Way Your Eyes Rolling Back
A Quickie Is Unheard Of
Talk And Stroke You Thru That Climax
Slow Rides In That Mac And Cheese You Giggle Off Them Slow Taps
Licking Off Your Cream On This Popsicle You Left In My Lap
Let’s Go Have Some Fun Baby
Laughs While We Walking Back
Your Head Into My Chest
Don’t Be Embarrassed
When We Get Home Watch Whats Next

© PapaChev